Defend Your Dreams At All Cost

About 3 weeks ago, we officially launched our first episode of “Magnetic and Memorable Show” where we celebrate memorable brands and the magnetic people behind them.  The response was amazing! We have so many people and businesses raising their hands for us to go on location and interview them.  This idea was simply as a result of my desire to serve and give back to business owners.  For the past 10 years, my passion was to support other business owners because I know the angst and pains of entrepreneurship all too well.

To interview people has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  My dream was to be a news correspondent, singer, dancer, teacher and a yes, a Princess.  To become a Mom wasn’t part of that dream.  I only desired to be one, in my 30’s when I felt that there is a sliver of possibility that I just may become a good and capable parent.

Looking back, I had a very traumatizing experience in grade school.  This is a story that I have buried in my heart and now yearns to be told.

I remember raising my hand to compete at an Oratorical Contest with no formal training whatsoever.  I thought all it took was a speech to deliver, the passion to speak and the courage to go for it.  I moved from a private school to public school at 4th grade and everything was so new – the school, the curriculum, my teachers and classmates – and they were looking for someone to represent my new school and I happened to be it!

I still vividly see myself walking down the aisle towards the front of the room,  excited to deliver my speech.  When I saw the row of judges and my fellow contestants I started shaking.  I wasn’t  prepared for this.  As soon as I opened my mouth, I had forgotten my lines and I panicked.  I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole!  It was fight or flight.  I wanted to walk out but it didn’t seem like an option so I decided to just wing it.  I recited  a jumbled pile of mess and it was one of the most humiliating moments of my life!  To make matters worse, the top contestant, who used to be my friend – turned bully –  from the private school I came from, mocked and ridiculed me outside the room.  She even rallied up other contestants to laugh at me and they did!

What happened after that was quite vague for me.  I remembered I went back to school to report what happened and it just added more insult to injury to my very fragile and highly shook-up confidence.  Since then, I have become a very diligent student, always top of the class, and voted Class President and ultimately became the President of the Student Council.   One thing I really had a hung-up with, was public speaking – I started hating speaking in public.  Despite my lack of speaking ability, I took it one day at a time, committed myself to moving forward and literally saw myself going up in ranks and even being elected for Leadership Position.

I believe these happened primarily because of these reasons:

1) My desire to serve other students.
2) My genuine care and attention for each and every student and teacher.
3) My “charisma” and “magnetism” (according to my teachers and friends)
4) My passion to succeed and help others along the way.
5) Conscious choice to get past the humiliation and do something worthwhile.
6) My thirst for learning.  I love learning about social sciences, culture and history.
7) My dream of experiencing fame and the influence that goes with it.

Dreams… something so simple and so natural.  We all have it. We live and breathe it.  It’s very primal for our evolution.  It’s our Star of Bethlehem – our guiding light.  We were born to dream.  As children we have lofty dreams and we feel unstoppable, and somewhere along the way, life happens. Our environment shapes us and before we know it, we have given up on our dreams and occasionally it will surface through a message, through a friend reminding you about it or through a journal you wrote from decades ago.  You then realize that you stopped dreaming about those dreams because of whatever “excuses” you conjured up and voices in your head saying why you can’t do this nor that.

I’ve had so many successes in my life as a result of revisiting my dreams and defending them.  Yes, the word “defend” may sound like a lot of resistance but it truly is a word that is charged with the power to move you into action to not give-up on your dream.  I encourage you to revisit your dreams and get back on the path you started as a child because chances are those dreams are still there waiting for you to rekindle.  How do I know that? It’s because Napoleon Hill said,

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

It took me years of deprogramming and reprogramming my mind and heart to start dreaming again and I now I am living my dream again! I am speaking, reporting, writing, and helping many people in their lives and businesses.   I have also learned to surround myself only with the people who will help me nurture that dream.  I have learned to keep my dreams sacred and now I am committed to help others do the same.  I never thought that decades later, I will get a second chance at revisiting and fulfilling my own dreams!

It is my greatest desire to continue living my dreams and share with you the specific strategies that continue to allow me to keep dreaming bigger dreams.  Let’s keep our dreams alive and defend our dreams at all cost.   Please Like, Comment and Share and remember to Subscribe so you won’t miss my posts.

I send you and your families love and blessings… Until we connect, I am cheering you on!

Here’s To Your Success With Satisfaction and Significance!


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