Creativity… The Answer to Frustration

Yesterday I spent half a day filming and editing 15 short videos.  Ten of those videos are for my new “How To Use Relational Marketing To Grow Your Business” video training give away to my subscribers.  It’s actually a very good video series and I could easily charge for them but I really like to reward those who take the time to give me their trust.

"Things Are Not Always As They Appear ;)"

So… the story goes.  I put on my brand new, custom made red shirt made for me by the awesome Raj of Peter Rainey Custom Tailors. I was so excited to wear that shirt as I love the personalized monogram of “ETY” on its french cuff.  I was excited to wear this shirt as this is the first red shirt I am going to wear on video!  Red, black, gold and white are my brand colors but I am very comfortable wearing black and white but wasn’t sure about bold colors.

I was feeling so excited and so inspired to finally go out and be “bold”, when I realized that I couldn’t find my cufflinks. Mind you, these weren’t even my cufflinks… they are my husband’s and I borrowed them over the weekend and now I can’t find them!

I could have chosen to fret and get frustrated and tear the house out to find the cufflinks, or perhaps even chose to just give up on the shirt and go back to what’s comfortable, my trusted crisp white shirt.  However, I made a decision that today was going to be special and I will wear my red shirt.

Immediately, I closed my eyes and visualized everything that I could use as an alternative to a pair of cufflinks.  In the quietness and stillness of my mind, I did an imaginary scan of my jewelry box to see if there was anything there I could use.

Voila! An image came to mind.  I have my favorite pair of South Sea Pearl earrings.  They are my favorite piece of jewelry as they are the “Rolls Royce of Pearls” – they are big, have substantial white gold posts and backing and are very elegant!  I tried them on and they worked like a charm!

I ran downstairs and showed them to Garrett and told him a lesson of resourcefulness. That when we’re faced with a choice to become frustrated, start complaining and start getting distracted from our inspired state, that all we need to do is look within and understand that:

All we need is already within us!

We just need to practice an awareness to consistently be in a resourceful and creative mode.  This goes true with our day to day lives…

Nothing profound here… Just a reminder to harness your CREATIVITY… Create more, feel frustration less… An object in motion stays in motion..

Until we connect…

I Am Cheering You On to Your Success!


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2 thoughts on “Creativity… The Answer to Frustration

  1. Oh my, Emma…

    You just made me smile first thing this morning with your blog video (grin 🙂
    Lovely south sea pearl-cuff lings,indeed.. very creative and extra-ordinary!!! (Just don’t let the earring backs show, no hard evidence, please!!….haha!). But most of all, the message is loud and clear….not to let perfection stop anyone from being functional….great to be reminded with a very good lesson for a relational marketer !

    I would also try your “comment luv” here….Cheers 🙂