Conversations with Traveling Tiebens – New Office

The Vine, Irvine, Orange County

The lease from our previous office has ended and it was time for us to look for a new home for Stieneb Corporation and “Traveling Tiebens”. If you have known us in and around social media, Garrett and I have been sharing our journey with you.

I have been helping entrepreneurs, experts and executives to “unleash” and monetize their unique brand messages and I have been doing the same for Garrett. He’s is now ready to launch his book, “Yoga In You” and we are working with my dear friend, Aggie Kobrin’s company to create a “Crowdfunding Project” for his book launch.

This video is a glimpse on our typical conversation – in the car, at the park, in a restaurant, in the office or at home.  This is “our” business and what better way to involve our children than when they are still young, with hopes to inspire you and the younger members of your family.  Please click on the image above or the link below to watch our video, and find out:

  • The exciting update on our new at The Vine OC today. This is the future venue for our upcoming events, training and video interviews! Sooo exciting!
  • Why did Garrett choose the title “Yoga In You” for his upcoming book?
  • What is “Magnetic Success”?
  • What’s in store for my Meetup Groups? If you haven’t joined us, click here:
  • What’s the “deal breaker” for Garrett when it comes to the perfect office?
  • Why “inspiration” is important in growing your business and what kind of inspiration?
  • Who are the people we believe we can serve the best?
  • What is an “internal brand” and how did Real Office Centers Internal Brand help in our decision to have our new office there?
  • Download  your free “Yoga and You” video at and your free “Unleash Your Brand Story” eBook by scrolling up above and leaving your name and email.

Stay tuned as we introduce more programs, video series and live events that will help you with powerful inner shifts that will produce outward results!  We will share with you you specific life and business strategies, enabling you to magnetize more clients, magnify your message make a difference and create more money and meaning in your lives!

If you’re ready to have your 1-on-1, 1-hour “Unleash Your Magnetic Brand” Breakthrough Session with me,  go to the link below for more information and to secure your spot for only $97 – a fraction of what others have already invested.  This is in line with my commitment to serve you and give you the opportunity to finish the year strong!

There are only three and a half months left for the year 2015 and we intend to finish this year strong too!  Looking forward to serving you even more with inspiration, insights and information to help you live a life well lived – with purpose and meaning – and magnetize success with satisfaction and significance! Love to you all!!!


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One thought on “Conversations with Traveling Tiebens – New Office

  1. What a joy it is to hear and see you guys. You have the most beautiful, natural rapport together and this shines through. Thank you for sharing today. You’ve made me smile. Blessings and love guys.