Your Network is Your Net Worth… Connect Wisely!

Mari Smith and Emma Tiebens Relationship Age

What a whirlwind of a week it was for me! I missed writing to you!  What a treat it was to actually spend the past week with my friend DiDi Alcheva, Founder of Social Media Press.  She flew back to LA after being in Valencia, Spain for almost 2 months and I had the privilege of having her stay at our home.

Okay, here is a recap of the last 6 days! As you read this post, keep in mind these 3 Major VIP events, ALL HAPPENED IN 5 DAYS!  It was hectic but oh so worth it!

As soon as Didi landed in LAX, I she had to be picked up by our mutual friend, the ever so amazing Jerry Chen, Creator of Build A Magnetic Network.  He immediately took Didi to the Los Angeles Athletic Club where good friends and Mentors Jorge Bueno and MaryAnne Morcos who were hosting their first ever Business Codex Society Networking Mixer, where I was also the featured speaker and spoke about “How To Achieve V.I.P. Status Using the Emma 5”! Our amazing friends Louie and Jini Pinto, Founders of Wealth Summit Live gave their invaluable time and resources to make sure this event is a big hit!

Relational Marketer Emma Tiebens and friends

Kathleen Ronald, Emma Tiebens, Jerry Chen, Jorge Bueno, DiDi Alcheva

Emma Tiebens Teaching Online V.I.P. Secrets

Emma Tiebens Speaking About “Online V.I.P. Secrets”

After the event, Jorge, MaryAnne, Jerry, DiDi and I went to the legendary The Pantry in downtown LA where they offer yummy breakfast 24 hours a day!  Needless to say, we didn’t get home until 3am!!!

Midnight Meal at The Pantry Los Angeles

Jorge Bueno, MaryAnne Morcos, DiDi Alcheva, Emma Tiebens and Jerry Chen – Midnight Meal The Pantry

Later that day, we scheduled a brainstorm session with just us 3 – Jerry, DiDi and I… it was amazing having a Mastermind session with those two!  We got some much covered and so many ideas were born that day…

The next day, Jerry, DiDi and I drove to the Hyatt Regency in Century City for the Braveheart Women RISE Kick Off Party for the LIVE Event in LA on Oct. 8, 9 and 10, with Drs. Ellie and Charlie Drake! Talk about a celebrity studded evening! For FREE Membership go to . It was so amazing to meet new friends Glenn Arcaro, Katie Freiling and Alicia Bausley.  We actually represented Social Media Press that evening! It was so amazing to see amazing friends – Mari Smith, Lynn Rose, Dr. Sugar Singleton, Paul Ryan, Jackie Hadden.  We also met new amazing people, especially Mr. Connector himself, Larry Benet.

Mari Smith and Emma Tiebens Relationship Age

My “Hero” Mari Smith and Emma Tiebens from “Relationship Age” The Book!

Jerry Chen, DiDi Alcheva, Mari Smith, Alicia Bausley, Katie Freiling, Glenn Arcaro

Jerry Chen, DiDi Alcheva, Mari Smith, Alicia Bausley, Katie Freiling, Glenn Arcaro

Alicia Bausley, Emma Tiebens, Ellie Drake, Dr. Sugar Singleton, DiDi Alcheva, Katie Freiling

Braveheart Women RISE Alicia Bausley, Emma Tiebens, Ellie Drake, Dr. Sugar Singleton, DiDi Alcheva, Katie Freiling

Emma Tiebens, Larry Benet, DiDi Alcheva

Emma Tiebens and DiDi Alcheva with The Connector Himself, Larry Benet

DiDi and I got home around midnight and started packing for the Marketing Funnel Mastery LIVE Event in Portland, OR.  Our check in time at John Wayne Airport was 5:25 a.m. so needless to say, we had 2 hours of sleep!  When we arrived Portland, the Courtyard Marriott City Center was so gracious to allow us a really early check in so after we had light lunch in Downtown Pearl District, we took a 2-hour nap before attending Mike Klingler’s Welcome Cocktail Party!  What an amazing evening of connecting with people whom I’ve already met online! There is something about meeting online first and then meeting live and in person… there is already a silent bond!

Didi Alcheva, Mike Klingler and Emma Tiebens

At Marketing Merge Mixer with Didi Alcheva, Mike Klingler and Emma Tiebens

Power Lunch at The Benson Hotel with Shannon, Emma, DiDi, Leta and Karen

The next 2 days were spent immersed in learning about how to master our own funnel – from what products to feature and how to market those products.  Mike Klingler did a phenomenal job teaching us step by step on how to finally create something and how the steps flow into the next.  It was also great to learn from Cindy Shulson, Barbara Silva and Kendall Silva.  Marketing Merge is at a hyper-speed growth! Mike shared a teeny glimpse on the future plans of MM at a very exclusive and posh barbeque that was privy to only 50 people!  The new headquarters on the 30th floor of the Ardea Bldg right on The Waterfront will make any entrepreneur green with envy! It was absolutely breathtaking!  The Marketing Merge Team truly did an amazing job organizing everything so kudos to Lisa Holcomb, Lindsey Holcomb and Rachel!

View from Marketing Merge Headquarters

View from Marketing Merge Headquarters

Emma Tiebens and Lisa Holcomb at Marketing Merge Headquarters

Emma Tiebens and Lisa Holcomb at Marketing Merge Headquarters

Glenn Arcaro and Matthew Miller Filming at Marketing Merge HQ

Glenn Arcaro and Matthew Miller Filming at Marketing Merge HQ

It was a wonderful ride back to Portland International Airport… a HUGE thank you to Thomas Germer who so generously offered to take my good friend, Celebrity Photographer and Entrepreneur, Moriah Diamond and I to the airport.  We ended up leaving at the same time though on different airlines so we had a chance to share some yummy Pinacoladas to toast to her planned 1 month vacation in the Big Island of Hawaii!

Moriah Diamond and Emma Tiebens

Moriah Diamond and Emma Tiebens

There you have it… 3 VIP Events in 5 days! As tiring as it seems, many joint venture partnerships have stemmed forth from it!

My question to you is, do you incorporate LIVE Celebrity Networking as part of your overall marketing strategy or do  you rely on online relationships?

If you already understand and are using LIVE networking as part of your overall marketing strategy, congratulations! I would love to hear how you’re doing it and how it has helped you with your business…

If you’re not, I would love to hear why not and if there’s a way I can help enlighten you on the benefits of live networking.


Until next time… I am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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10 thoughts on “Your Network is Your Net Worth… Connect Wisely!

  1. It was great connecting with you at Jorge Bueno’s Business Codex Mixer last week. I can imagine how hectic but productive your week was. I was just glad to be able to reconnect with you an others in the industry and look forward to our continued relationship. I know how important it is to go to live events and really this is where the magic happens. You get to meet like minded people but more importantly possibly collaborating with some very special people in order to grow your business and yourself. I look foward to seeing you at a future live events. Have a great day! =)


  2. Dear Emma,

    What a joy to finally meet you in person. You are warm, big-hearted, and an absolute delight (not to mention brilliant in your networking!). Thanks for making me laugh REALLY HARD – when you saw my terrible photography “skills”. Thank goodness you are an artist at taking pictures – because mine would not have been helpful at all!

    Looking forward to talking with you soon (I left you a voice message earlier today!).

    Sending love,


  3. Emma, it was such a joy to spend the last 5 days with you at all of these 3 VIP events. Thank you and your family for having me at your beautiful home. I was just showing my friend the video I recorded for my parents of your amazing home. She loved it! I feel that the bond between us has become from strong to unbreakable. I feel so connected and in alignment with your values as a woman and an entrepreneur. It was awesome meeting Mari Smith in person too, she is a true inspiration, as well as Larry Benet who was so magnetically fascinating with his personality. It was awesome masterminding with you and Jerry, and meeting for the first time Katie Freiling, Glenn Aracaro and reconnecting with Alicia Bausley. And of course what a pleasure to finally meet the amazing celebrity photographer Moriah Diamond, who got to also take my picture. She is such a joy:)

    Thank you for this awesome recap of the last week, and the special mention of Social Media Press.

    Keep rocking, girlfriend!


  4. Hi Walter!
    Yes, it’s sooo awesome re-connecting with you! I received your personal FB message and I apologize if I haven’t replied… I will as soon as I get the chance…

    You are simply special! I love your dedication and tenacity… stay in touch and I would love to be able to help you with the many decisions you will be making as you move forward with your online plans…

    Blessings to you my Friend!

    Emma 😉

  5. Mari, dearest Mari!

    I am soooo honored that you stopped by, read my post and even found the time to leave a comment! You truly are my “hero” in social media… your kindness, authenticity and generosity has allowed me to carve my own path and you gave me the confidence to pursue my passion since I was a little girl which is to create meaningful relationships and connect people with each other! You know what they say, surround yourself with good mentors… well, I definitely applied that principle when I decided to follow you and learn from you!

    I so adore your ability to stay grounded… to always be accessible no matter how popular and famous you continue to become. You always manage to stay humble and available to everyone and I so appreciate that! You are making a HUGE positive in the world and I am so, so humbled and it moves me to tears that I am blessed with the opportunity to work alongside you via our book “The Relationship Age”! You truly are The Relationship Queen!

    I Love You Bunches and Bunches!

    Emma 😉

  6. My dearest Alicia!

    You are such a LOVE! It was such a joy to spend time with you at the Braveheart Women RISE Kick Off party! Your husband Ben is a true delight! I love laughing with you because your laugh truly comes from the heart! It’s contagious! Yes, you did take amazing photos of me and I am grateful you were there… otherwise, I would have missed some photo opps 😉

    I can’t wait for your event in Newport Beach and am super honored you have considered me to be one of your speakers… It’s going to be amazing!
    I will call you ASAP…

    Love and Hugs!

    Emma 😉

  7. DiDi My Beautiful and Loving Friend!
    How are you? I trust that you’re settling down rather nicely. What a treat to spend 5-days with you, living the “Celebrity” jet-setting lifestyle. What a treat to spend morning, noon and night for the entire 5 days! You’re so absolutely right, our bond has just become UNBREAKABLE!

    I know in my heart that Social Media Press will soon be creating history and I am so proud to see it’s humble beginnings… You were made to be Social Media Press – YOU ARE Social Media Press!

    Yes let’s talk about our joint venture project… it’s going to rock!!!

    Love You My Friend!

    Emma 😉

  8. Fantastic work here Emma. You put a lot of love into this post and it shows. Great seeing you this weekend. You are so much fun to be around it’s contagious. Speak soon! Stay blessed!

  9. Emma… I loved it All!!! What an amazing & fun 3-in-5 Story.
    We first met at Mike’s social mixer on Friday for MFM. You were very Gracious to introduce me to others & I am Very Grateful for that. I would never have known the boisterous schedule you mentioned, if not for this article. You were relaxed, happy, friendly, cheerful & Sooo funny when we spoke. Even though you said I was funnier, you had me in stitches!! I know for a Fact that when someone does what they Totally Love, they can go on & on for days just because of the positive energy and not be the worse for wear. You represent that my new friend. 😉

    I look forward to learning & growing with you. Being a Newbie IM & NM is easy when in such Great company!! I totally appreciate You, your energy & your passion!!