Celebrating… The Fearless Coach

Emma Tiebens and Kathy Cabarcas

Yesterday, as I contemplated on the many Mentors who have guided and continue to guide me in my path to master my specialized skills, I realized that one of my passions is to create “Success Stories.  There is no greater joy than for me to witness the metamorphosis of someone I absolutely believe in, care for and have massive respect for.


In March, I spoke Marketing Funnel Mastery LIVE Event, hosted by one of my beloved friends and Mentors, Mike Klingler.  I feel so blessed to have been able to also be the Funnel Facilitator for a special table where Kathy Cabarcas sat.  After my short presentation, Kathy volunteered to give me a testimonial of how my talk has inspired her and here’s what she said:

I have many “Rave Review” videos from friends whom I have given complimentary sessions to and I absolutely appreciate each and every one of them!  I know for a fact that most people are not comfortable being on video and the fact that some of them went out of their way to send me a video warms my heart.  It means that I have truly helped them get over a hump, a challenge or simply experienced an epiphany!

Today, I want to celebrate one of my clients whom I absolutely love working with from the very beginning – The Fearless Coach herself, Kathy Cabarcas. She’s a woman who is incredibly committed and she knows the path she’s going and knows the key team players she needs to make her vision a reality.  We met at a live event and after I gave her some invaluable complimentary advice, she contacted me afterwards and knew that I was the person who would be able to truly help her clarify her branding message and bring that message out to the world, elegantly and eloquently!

I remember I was vacationing at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas with my family and she was signing up for one of my Consulting Programs and there were some technical issues with the shopping cart that would frustrate anyone!  I could have easily lost her as a client right there and then but instead, she called me and she jokingly said:  “Okay, I have never had to chase someone to pay them!”  I laughed so hard but also realized that this woman is determined and that I will accept her as a client and that I will give her so much more than what she’ll pay for!

Our very first session was short of amazing.  There’s nothing I love more, than being able to really understand the person behind the brand.  It’s almost like being a detective, a therapist, an artist and a friend rolled into one.  I am very comfortable wearing many hats.  My experience as a banker, flight attendant and jewelry designer enables me to utilize specific skills to be in the moment bring out the best in my clients.


As we uncovered Kathy’s vision and mission, they became clearer and more solid for her.  She became more engaged emotionally, physically and spiritually.  With every session came more clarity and with more clarity she became more and more unstoppable!

I love working with Kathy because she’s passionate, driven, purposeful, talented, tuned-in and yes highly coachable! That’s why I know she’s an amazing coach because she knows and understands that a Coach/Client relationship works best when there is mutual respect and commitment to the positive outcome of such a relationship.

On our third session, Kathy and I started to formulate the essence of her brand.  Interestingly enough, what she envisioned as the main focus of her brand wasn’t as powerful as what we came up with after 2 sessions.  My process starts with a very powerful questionnaire that when answered diligently will reflect where the focus of your brand should be.  Kathy masterfully answered them because she was very clear about her vision and she is emotionally engaged by them!

Immediately after that, Kathy was able to now create her own DVD/Video Series – “FEAR Destroyer Strategy – How To Go From Fearful to Fearless To Freedom”!  The process was effortless for her because then she was clear on exactly what she wants to offer the world and when blended with the passion to share that message out to a greater audience, she was able to create what would have normally taken months, took her a few days to accomplish!

My sessions with my clients don’t end when we hang up the phone… I take more time afterwards to put myself in my clients shoes, then put myself in my clients’ clients.  This right here is I know what sets me apart from most Branding Consultants.  I take every client in as if they are my family and it’s as if I am part owner of their business!

I am celebrating Kathy Cabarcas on this post, not only because she is the perfect client as far as implementing everything I asked her to do, but also because of her commitment to excellence and not allowing excuses to get in the way of results.  She has the heart to help entrepreneurs who are fearful to take the leap and she has a huge vision in creating a community for other FEARLESS COACHES!


Nothing gives me greater joy than to see a client like Kathy Cabarcas – truly step into her power, get her message out and empower others to do the same!

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce to you, my beloved friend, THE FEARLESS COACH, KATHY CABARCAS!

Did you feel the empowerment in her voice?  That’s the unstoppable state I am talking about earlier… I am committed to celebrating my clients like Kathy Cabarcas!  So my dearest Friends, I invite you to help me celebrate Kathy Cabarcas… The Fearless Coach!

Please connect with her on Facebook and “Like” her Kathy Cabarcas, The Fearless Coach Business Page… she has so much to offer you!  In fact, she has amazing gifts – 4 powerful videos on “How You  Can Go From FEARFUL, TO FEARLESS TO FREEDOM!”

Until We Connect…

I Am Cheering You On to Your Success!

Emma 😉

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating… The Fearless Coach

  1. Wow, Emma!

    You are such a great coach and mentor to have….with Kathy Cabaracas’ revelations, who cannot stand as fearless as her….esp. when guided by your most valuable VIP Success coaching system…..truly amazing!!

    That’s why I never thought twice when I personally came to you for coaching and likewise connected you to one of your favorite clients, Dr. Julie Thong, whose pics appear here, too. And I still continue to bring in the right clients for you Emma, as I know in my heart, from the very first time we met, that you have an array of branding and marketing programs that can make us shine as Trusted Experts in our own niche….

    More Power to you, Emma…you are my rockstar…the relational marketer queen of all times!