Celebrate Your Birthday With PURPOSE and Meaning

I awoke this morning with over 500++ Greetings on Facebook and other social media platforms I engage in, as well as my email inbox, my text messages and my voicemail in my cell phone, home phone and office phone! Wow! By the end of the day, there were over 1,000 personal greetings! The intense energy of the love and well-wishing is enough to blast me up into space! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who left me those messages…

One of the best messages ever, was my son Garrett Tiebens surprising me with this beautiful post on Facebook.  It’s the best gift I could ever ask for today!

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 9.32.55 AM

I am feeling so exhilarated right this very moment.  In this morning’s mediation, I asked how I can serve more people today and this idea came to mind.   I wanted to create a gift not just for me but to all of you who I am blessed to come in contact with and the question was:

“How could I gather all that beautiful energy of what I’m feeling right now, to create something that people would benefit from? ”

The answer was rather clear and simple… Write a blog post on “How To Celebrate A Birthday Filled With Even More PURPOSE and Meaning”.

Some people dread their birthdays because it reminds them of their mortality and they feel as though the countdown continues and every year gets them closer to the end.  When I was in my teens, I wished that time would speed up so I can become more independent and move out.  Then in my 30’s, I was asking time to slow down a bit because I dreaded turning 50.  Now, I have come to terms with myself and I now believe that the present is ALWAYS perfect.

One of my beloved Mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away a few days ago and I can still remember him saying,

“In my world, nothing goes wrong…”

So for this birthday and my succeeding birthdays, I am choosing to make it a celebration filled with purpose and meaning.  Being the “strategist” that I am, I ask many questions and I like simplifying things and making them tangible so I have crafted these questions that you must answer so you can truly celebrate each year with purpose and meaning.  The goal is for you to celebrate the year’s gifts, lessons and milestones and how much you’ve progressed, versus focusing on another year that has passed.  By doing so, you will be able to look forward to the next year with much anticipation and joyful expectancy and you will be training your subconscious mind to look forward to the gifts the next year brings.

Are you ready?  Here are the questions I would like for you to ask yourself now and every year on your birthday.  I want you to make this as your “Annual Review” of your life, if you may.  Your responses here will fuel your inspiration for the year ahead.  Do this and you will understand who you are, where you are, what your core purpose is and how you can align with, or alter your goals for the next years of your life.  It’s truly a powerful tool so please receive this as my gift to you and share this with those who may need to be reminded of how precious their lives are.

Here are the “Top 10 Questions For A Birthday Celebration Filled with Purpose and Meaning”.  I am sharing with you, my intimate responses as well as I only ask you to do something that I actually do so myself.  Here goes:

1) What were some notable and memorable milestones from the last year?

a) I embraced a life of more flow, fun and freedom.  I moved to my own place with my Mom Elena and Garrett. For a few months we had no furniture while we are waiting for some processes to be finalized, but the beauty of that is that we realized that it doesn’t take much to live a life of continuous joy, gratitude and optimism.   Our life didn’t stop and we continued giving the best we could from a place of absolute faith and abundance.

b) This year, I expanded my network even more with incredible people and groups I am associated with – Meeting Professionals International of Orange County – MPIOC, Asian Business Association of Orange County and Inland Empire, Money and You, and Starpreneur Women Entrepreneurs Group – WEGs, California Asian Chamber of Commerce – CalASian and Media Community Alliance International Orange County, MCAI-OC Communities.

c) I re-designed and launched my website www.EmmaTiebens.com  and Garrett’s website – www.GarrettTiebens.com

d) We launched 2 shows – “Magnetic and Memorable Show” and “Traveling Tiebens Show”

2) What were you most grateful for?

Other than seeing my son Garrett grow up to be an incredible young man and thrive in all areas of his life, I am so grateful for the many lessons learned as well as the lessons and growth that came with it.  I am grateful for realizing that I am more powerful than I have ever realized myself to be and I appreciate the “power of now” much more than ever.  I am grateful for the moment-by-moment miracles and understanding of who I really am.  I am grateful to no longer be too concerned about what other people think of me because I am happy with who I am, who I have become and who I am becoming.

3) The top 5 people who made a big impact in your life last year and how did they impact your life?

I have soooo many people who have made a huge impact in my life last year and to just choose the top 5 is a challenge.  Because of the public nature of this post, I don’t want to open a can of worms so I will keep this to myself but know that I have already chosen my top 5 for the year and you should do the same.

4) What do you remember as your most challenging time?

My most challenging time was balancing compassion, forgiveness and love for some people and more importantly love for myself  as I went through  one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my life which I am not at liberty to discuss publicly at the moment.

5) How did you overcome or progress from those challenges?

I made a realization and a decision to choose that I am a Spirit having a physical experience instead of the other way around. That we are part of a Divine Collective of spirits and at the end of the day, we are all the same – we have same aspirations, goals, desires and we’re on a journey to a happy and fulfilled life.  We have different ways of reacting to what happens in our lives based on our own filters and experiences but when we look at another person, we can look within us and see that within them is someone who’s a mirror of ourselves.  This has helped me stay with more compassion, love and understanding perhaps not always, but most of the time.

6) Now that you’ve grown past that, how are you using that process or discovery to help others who are going through theirs?

I am consciously choosing to share these lessons and process online and through my one on one conversations.  My clients are also benefiting from this lesson because the lack of compassion, forgiveness and love,  are major blocks for success and moving forward in life and business.  I have become rather intuitive of where people are at this stage of growth and I have developed more empathy so I am now able to identify the cause of their pain and help them with my own processes so they can get past that and thrive.

I have created many mini-processes that I am able to share with others through my blog posts, videos and conversations that make a difference in so many people’s lives.  They are like seeds that I plant all over the place and I know that many will be blessed by the fruits they will bear.

7) What books and authors did you revisit or discover?

Oh boy – this year was the Year of Awakening.  I have sooo many favorite authors through the years but the books I revisited and digested this year were:

– “Think and Grow Rich”, “Law of Success”, “Master Keys to Riches” and “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind” – Napoleon Hill
– “What I Know For Sure”. – Oprah Winfrey
– “Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Out Into The Real World” – Maria Shriver
– “Power of Intention” – Dr. Wayne Dyer
– “Thrive” – Arianna Huffington
– “Critical Path” – Buckminster Fuller
– “The Biology of Belief” – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D
– “The Law of Attraction” – Esther and Jerry Hicks
– “Working with the Law” – Raymond Holliwell
– “The Soul of Money” – Lynne Twist
– “Daring Greatly” and “The Gifts of Imperfection” – Brene Brown

8) What specific and measurable goals will you set for this year?

For this year, I intend to get closer to my 10-year “Definite Chief Declaration” – again based on Napoleon Hill’s teachings.  I am sharing with you a portion of my declaration which is 10 years in the making.  My actions for the year will be in accordance with what I intend to be in 10 years

“I Emma Tiebens am one of the highest paid, influential, effective and recognized female Speakers, Authors and Media Personalities in the world.  As such I give the most aligned, inspirational, informative and instructional talks and interviews all over the world in the capacity of Speaker, TV Host, Media Personality, Author, Consultant and Creator of Informational Products and Programs.

I live with passion and purpose as a mother, lover, entrepreneur, philanthropist and global citizen, achieving inner harmony, happiness as well as priceless relationships who help me make a difference in humanity so I can live and leave my legacy. ”

9) How will you incorporate more fun and peace of mind in your life this year?

I plan to do more traveling, more speaking, consulting, blogging, interacting, loving and serving this year.  I find that the more I share my lessons learned and the more people benefit from it, the more I grow.  I plan to do more travel and interviews for our “Magnetic and Memorable Show” and “Traveling Tiebens” because they represent FLOW, FUN and FREEDOM for me, my family and those we are blessed to reach.  I am passionate about supporting businesses and entrepreneurs so anytime I am able to help extract their core message so they can magnetize their ideal clients, monetize their message and make a difference, that brings me so much joy!   I intend to create more success stories.

10) What were the new revelations for you that you will be cognizant of in the coming year?

a) Spiritually – that my spirit is unbounded by so many things. That I get to choose to align who I really am and tap into Divine Source with no fear of judgment or inhibitions on whether I may or may not be doing things the right way or thinking that I may be making a wrong decision.  When we are aligned with love and joy, the present is always perfect!

b) Emotionally – that I have the ability to master my emotions that I can choose tho embrace my emotional authenticity as I evolve into emotional mastery.

c) Physically – I am in the best shape of my life now.  I have embraced the vegetarian lifestyle and started doing Ashtanga Yoga again.  I have learned that connecting with nature on a regular basis energizes me so I do more earthing, walking on the grass, spending time on the beach and going on short hikes.  Conscious breathing has been one of my favorite activities and I have incorporated Meditation once or twice a day now and will continue to do it more this year.

d) Relationally – I have made a conscious choice to nurture relationships who truly mean  a lot to me, to reach out to my precious relationships of the past and ask them how I may serve them.  I also have learned to effortlessly let go of those who are no longer aligned with who I am now and who I am choosing to become and I am able to release them with love, compassion and genuine blessings.

e)  Financially – the realization that my wealth truly goes BEYOND the money.  I know how important money is to thrive and progress,  but my self-worth is no longer tied into money alone.  Here is the big revelation for this year — my discovery through Napoleon Hill’s teachings that there are actually 12 True Riches in our lives and looking at this list, I truly feel absolutely wealthy because I can honestly say I have checked out most of the 12!

  1. Positive mental attitude
  2. Sound physical health
  3. Harmony in human relations
  4. Freedom form fear
  5. Hope of future achievement
  6. Capacity for applied Faith
  7. Willingness to share one’s blessing with others
  8. To be engaged in a labor of love
  9. An open mind on all subjects toward all people
  10. Complete self discipline
  11. Wisdom with which to understand people
  12. Financial security

I trust that these questions as well as my personal revelations will help you make your birthdays filled with more purpose and meaning.  If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, expert or transitioning professional and would love to know how you can actually incorporate your discoveries as part of your “Magnetic Brand”, I would like to gift you with my eBook, Audio and Video called “Unleash Your Magnetic Brand Story”.  Just scroll up on this page, leave your name and email and you will receive immediate access to them.

If you’re ready to gain more clarity on how to Unleash Your Own Magnetic Brand Story and confidently create content you can share  across your very own global platform, I am making my “Unleash Your Magnetic Brand” Breakthrough Sessions – a 1-hour, 1-on-1 Clarity and Breakthrough Session with me for a highly reduced rate – $97 instead of $497 –  for a VERY limited time.  Click here for more information – www.EmmaTiebens.com/session . This is my simple way of giving back for the many gifts I have already been given.

If this post has given you a new perspective on celebrating your birthdays, please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share.  I look forward to hearing of what you will do with this information.

Until we connect,  I wish you a Peace of Mind, Overflowing Joy, Avalanches of Abundance, Meaningful Success, Deep Spiritual Connection and A Life Well Lived …

I love you all…

Here’s to Your Success With Satisfaction and Significance,



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