“Bright and Shiny Object” or Escape Hole?

Is this a "Bright and Shiny Object" or an Escape Hole?

I wasn’t planning on writing anything today as I am on a deadline to file my 2009 taxes! I know, I know… who ever said I was perfect? 😉

Yesterday, I had a great and in depth conversation with one of the few leaders I truly admire, Mike Klingler and unbeknownst to him, I wrote this as he inspire me to think and look around as to the reality of what’s going on around us.

There is a concern that has been nagging me for a few months now and I know I have been guilty and most of the people I know are guilty of this as well… it’s the “Bright and Shiny Object” syndrome or B.S.O. Syndrome. Trust me, I am guilty… In the past 6 years I have bought courses upon courses, seminars and systems with hopes that I will finally discover the “Holy Grail” that will leap my business forward.

I would tell myself… “Hmmm, sounds good… presentation is awesome… I am moved to action… love the benefits, I can use that in my business NOW and get a jump-start…”

BUT guess what? Some of those courses, systems and hundreds of pages of notes from events end up unused, untouched and they’re sitting there, useless…

So, in the past year… I started asking myself: “Is is it really just a Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome or is it an Escape Hole? Sometimes, we don’t even know the difference anymore as it has become the norm… it has become like an addiction…

In the past year or so, I finally took notice of this symptom. Granted, I am GRATEFUL that I took action in most of the opportunities and connections that came with the B.S.O. Syndrome. However, as I prepare my Excel spreadsheet for my taxes, it’s mind blowing how much I have actually spent on seminars, education, memberships, etc. – yes, including those that are still unopened!

Please don’t get me wrong.. I am all about personal development, staying inspired and learning skills necessary for entrepreneurs to stand out above the noise. But there comes a time when we become like “herds” and do things blindly and irresponsibly.

I am speaking from experience as you can probably sense my passion about this… I JUST DON’T WANT PEOPLE to make the same mistakes I did…

There is a huge surge on “celebritizing” ourselves… trust me, I know a thing or two about this one as I have a book called “Instant Online Celebrity” – however, being a celebrity goes much deeper than creating a following… Like Spidey’s wisdom says: “With great power comes great responsibility…”

We want to become – or at least be perceived – as celebrities but bottom line is, what’s your real intention? Is it just for self-gratification? Is it to lead a herd blindly or is it to make a difference and be able to really empower and move people towards the right direction?

I know I am getting off track here… I was writing about the B.S.O. Syndrome…

If you’re experiencing the B.S.O. Syndrome right now, here are some of my personal recommendations:

1) STOP… breathe… analyze…

2) Look through all the assets – the courses, info products you already have and see if you can make use of those first.

3) Check out the support you will get after you purchase something, does it include a live training, group coaching?

4) Understand what you’re getting into… what are the terms, guarantees, etc.

5) Look at your calendar and see how you’re going to fit in the learning curve you will have to invest in to implement it.

6) Create a personal “Accountability Challenge” for each development stage of your business… this is HUGE and it will keep you focused on the task at hand you need to finish. If you need an Accountability Mentor or Coach, find one!

7) Finally, DON’T RUSH SUCCESS! Good things still come to those who wait… Haste makes waste… this is true wisdom!

Ask yourself, is this really a “Bright and Shiny Object” or an “Escape Hole”? Sometimes, when the going gets tough, we think of ways to divert our attention into something else that we can sink our teeth into so we can tell ourselves we are “working” when in fact, we are escaping…. be honest with yourself… the truth could really set you free!

I trust that you will get some value out of this… I do care and you should care about your clients too…

Please share and/or comment… would love to hear your personal experiences…

Until next time, know that “I AM CHEERING YOU ON TO YOUR SUCCESS!!!”

Emma 😉

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9 thoughts on ““Bright and Shiny Object” or Escape Hole?

  1. Hi Emma, I’m just delighted to see you writing great stuff again!:) I’ve been silently observing, and I know that you have been doing lots of thinking and analysis when it comes to your strategy and marketing funnel (and making yourself even stronger =))… I have been hooked with Mike Klingler’s lessons too, but it is both a blessing and a hurdle for me. It is a bit of a hurdle as “deep thinking” which what Mike Klingler teaches is my weakness, especially now that I am also guilty of B.S.O syndrome. I believe, anyone starting with any form of online business, goes through this same temptation. Yes, it is some sort of escape hole for me but I’m doing my best to do more analysis and less of jumping from one course to the next:P…Mike Klingler is surely a blessing, because I know that through his teachings, I’ll be on the right path. Of course, discovering you online, has truly been a great blessing! 🙂

    As I heard Jerry Clark saying one time, let’s “thin slice” our way to success. We do not necessarily have to buy all resources available out there. And we have to make sure that in a way, we’re getting all these materials for free by effectively monetizing each of these investments 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have to share next, Ms Emma 😉
    .-= Rowena´s last blog ..Meet the Luckiest Woman in Internet Entrepreneurship =-.

  2. Hi Emma,
    I’ve been a victim of the BSO Syndrome many times. I’ve recently promised myself not to fall for anymore product recommendation, even if it comes from the brightest Internet market guru. I’ve got to get something working first to go to the next one.

    Thanks for your suggestions on how to eliminate non-essential products.
    .-= Ligia´s last blog ..Online Presence =-.

  3. Dear Emma,

    Thank you for your insight and perspective on the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and the ability to share my thoughts with you and your readers.

    We are in a society of instant gratification where all we need to do is put money down and receive the ‘goods’. We can instantaneously buy and have delivered boatloads of new furniture, have immediate access to a new car, splurge on new clothes and feel instant pleasure. All the media/advertising that we devour encourages us to think that the next product we purchase will provide a solution to our every problem in life, from fixing low self-esteem, to taking away the pain of debt, to having more money to spend on things that we really don’t need.

    What most people don’t want to hear is that it takes discipline, time, and effort to build a successful business. There will be many “treacherous” challenges, disappointments, and frustrating cry-in-your-soup moments. And it takes implementing the very skills you are studying so hard to learn.

    Consistent action on a daily basis is so important for entrepreneurial success. Just as we must exercise daily and eat well-balanced meals for optimum health, we must also nourish our brains with new information and then put those new skills into action. Even if we fail at our attempts to make something work, it’s a lesson in and of itself.

    After more than 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I can tell you, it’s tough when you first start out (and even as you reach each new milestone). But as you continue focusing on the learning curve, and truly take each lesson, course, experience and apply it, the big beautiful light at the end of the tunnel starts getting brighter and brighter.

    So here’s my two cents! Whatever course you have on your shelf, stored in your computer, or committed to through Webinars, etc., study that lesson and then immediately apply what you just learned. If you fail…good for you…you TRIED it!

    And remember, if you stay true to your mission of learning and implementing, you will be ‘light years’ ahead of your competition. Because most people WON’T take these necessary actions.

    Thanks Emma for another great article! I look foward to seeing you next weekend!


    Alicia Bausley

  4. There is fantastic word of wisdom I myself have found that we also build up habits
    we slide into like a comfi zone to slide into that lets us back slide.
    I myself have only been learning every day for the past year and remembering
    the lost time.as .
    I was one of the early converts to computers wayback in
    1980s home technology and always wanted to do marketing however with one thing and another didn’t get round to it so lost over 30 years worth of skill base
    wow is me catching up and upskilling .
    love your insight’s and open knowledge shareing
    with respect
    bongoandbing aka Joseph P Boylan iii Esq

  5. Hello Rowena! Thanks so much for the encouragement… glad you like what I write… You’ve been silently observing? Well, it’s time we un-silence you, my Friend! Let’s get you seen and heard! 😉 I miss Singapore! Hopefully I’ll get to be invited to speak there someday soon and we’ll get to meet! Big Hugs!!!

    Emma 😉

  6. Hi Ligia!

    That’s right… we need to learn to “prosper where we’re planted” and make use of the resources we already have… as we implement them and identify the need to invest in more, then we know it will be put to great use… thanks for stopping by! Hope you received my FB reply a few days ago regarding your question… stay in touch…

    Emma 😉

  7. My dearest Alicia… how in the world did you even find the time to post a comment on my Blog! You’re too much!!! Didn’t you have company this week?

    Were your ears burning? I am putting some finishing touches on my system and the bonuses that go with it and I see your smiling face on my Blog… you truly inspire me in more ways than one!

    I am sooo excited about our upcoming LIVE event! You and Lisa are working so hard to deliver such an incredible event and I really want to make sure I give our audience my very best!

    Thanks for this nugget in your comment… I love your 2 cents: “Whatever course you have on your shelf, stored in your computer, or committed to through Webinars, etc., study that lesson and then immediately apply what you just learned. If you fail…good for you…you TRIED it!”

    You’re a TRUE leader… always leading by example…

    Love and Hugs!

    Emma 🙂

  8. Hello Joseph!
    How are you? Thank you for commenting on my blogpost. Wow! You were one of the “early computer converts’ in the 1980s? That’s awesome! Yes, times have changed indeed… 30 years of information is really something! The good news is it’s never too late… we pick up the pieces and as long as the desire is there, we keep moving forward, right? Thanks again and wishing you the very best!

    Emma 😉

  9. Emma,
    Such a timely post! This is a syndrome which hits us all at one time or another. There are so many opportunities and seemingly brilliant ways to build your business it does get overwhelming. I am also slowing down, focusing in on what’s important here and now and moving in that direction.

    Enriching yourself through personal development is great, as long as you don’t become an information junkie who goes this way & that. LOL Experience here. We reach a point where taking action with the tools we have is more important and is the only way to move forward.

    Thanks for sharing this today. It has fit into my business plan quite well. It was time to hear this gentle reminder,
    Val 🙂
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Clarify Your Vision =-.