Magnetic and Memorable – Barbara King

Speaker, Wardrobe Stylist, Founder of BKS Yoga Studio and Author of "Be Delicious Now"

Have you ever met someone who just oozes with style, confidence and unadulterated joy?  My dear friend Barbara King is a walking testament to living a life on purpose and embracing possibilities and potential.  She’s an award winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, world-renowned Wardrobe Stylist, Owner of BKS Yoga Studio,  Author of “Be Delicious Now”, a loving wife and a super cool mother of two amazing children!

Barbara King was my Wardrobe Stylist immediately after the birth of my son, 13 years ago. She was the reason I became an entrepreneur with my Bella Gemma Jewelry business and she also became one of my strongest advocates by referring her clients to me.  Now, I consider her as one of my dearest friends and one of my most favorite people in the world!

She helped me discover my own style which is classic, functional yet fun.  Her process is something I cherish and wish more people would do for themselves.  Working with a stylist is a confidence builder and is a necessity when you are constantly in the public eye.  She discussed this in greater detail in her book, “Be Delicious Now”…

Be Delicious Now Barbara King Book

Watch our very short interview filled with laughter, inspiration, and tips on wardrobe styling and choosing the best yoga philosophy for you. Discover Barbara’s secrets and insights on:

  • Why and when does one need to hire a Wardrobe Stylist?
  • What wardrobe styling is and isn’t.
  • What should you look for in a Wardrobe Stylist?
  • Discover BKS Yoga Studio in Naples, FL and why she founded it.
  • What’s “Ecclectic Yoga”?
  • How to look good from the inside-out.
  • How to intentionally show up in a big way!
  • The most common mistakes that stop people from moving forward with their style transformation.
  • How to rear-up children to be happy, confident, independent and great communicators.
  • How to get Barbara’s free signed copy of her book, “Be Delicious Now”.

Thank you so much to our very special guest Barbara King for her authenticity and showing up full-on for our video! Please be sure to get your free copy of her signed book, “Be Delicious Now”. Go to the link below and let her know you saw this video interview where she mentioned this offer.

If you live near the Naples, FL area or know of anyone who is looking for a Yoga Studio, go to

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2 thoughts on “Magnetic and Memorable – Barbara King

  1. Thank you Barbara, McKenna and Emma… I love these inspiring interviews….. It’s so good to see people following their hearts and leaving beautiful imprints in the world. Kind wishes from Australia!

  2. Oh Jason! You are sooo kind and always so thoughtful! Thank you for your kind comments… Isn’t McKenna adorable? Oh and she is sooo smart and fully present! Her Mom is one of my favorite people in the world! I can only imagine when us 3 get together… Oh my… power energy to the ‘nth degree! Much love and Namaste, Jason!