Are You Bright, Yet Broke?

In our lives, people come and go…

There are relationships for a reason and relationships for a season.

Last year, through our mutual Mentor, Joel Bauer, I met an incredible lady who has truly helped be to “THINK BIGGER” and eliminate a lot of my self-imposed “excuses” that enabled me to play a bigger game and that lady is…


Emma Tiebens and Kathy Eppley

Kathy Eppley is a Dynamite Coach, Speaker, Trainer is the Founder of Astound Yourself and is the creator of the “S.O.A.R. Method – Skyrocket Your Passion, Power and Profit!”

Kathy is also the Author of “Are You Bright Yet Broke?”

Kathy and I have done some peer coaching /consulting and what I love about her is her intense desire to safely take you from excuses to possibilities to making your dreams a reality.  She truly has a special way of coaching where in minutes, she can help you identify what blocks you have imposed on yourself and she gives you very simple implementable solutions to rid yourself of those limiting beliefs and excuses for good!

Do you find yourself saying this?

“I don’t understand… I work hard, I am committed, I have invested thousands dollars and hundreds of hours learning and implementing and I am still not as successful as I want to be?”

Well if you do, then it’s time to meet THE Kathy Eppley!

The great news?  Kathy Eppley is having a RARE 3-day workshop  coming up in Dallas, TX on April 30 – May 2. Click below for more details:


Why is this exciting? It’s because up to this point, Kathy has only done one on one Coaching/Consulting and her clients have paid her thousands of dollars for a few hours of coaching with her…

I can’t even begin to imagine what she can do for you in 3 days! Your life will never be the same!

The revelations that Kathy has helped me with is worth more than what I paid for.  What she gave me was priceless and that’s just in a few hours of phone consulting…

If you’re tired of living by default and not by design, if you’re tired of feeling like you’re just a hamster running on a treadmill, doing the same things you’ve done, expecting a different results,  if you’re tired of not having a focused direction in your life and your business, then you must absolutely see Kathy Eppley…

Check out this video… listen to the many people she has helped… they can’t all be lying…

Just to be clear, I don’t have any motives by sharing Kathy with you.  As part of my promise to give value, I am recommending ONLY the best of the best to you.

If your heart tells you to go… do it now… connect with Kathy… this will be the best decision you’ll make in your life and I mean that from the heart…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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