And The Winner Is… What Would Your Oscars Be?

Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Movie… If you have watched the Oscars, the words “And The Winner Is… ” are 4 words that leave people breathless!

It’s one of Hollywood’s most awaited night… the 87th Academy Awards, aka The Oscars.  I am watching some of it on Livestream as I don’t own a TV but for the most part, I am excited to see the gowns and jewelry that are gracing the red carpet.

I have been to many red carpet events including the Grammy’s and high profile galas but for now, this is the closest I have gotten to the ‪#‎Oscars‬ for now but feeling optimistic and setting intentions that I will be invited next year! LOL!  This photo was taken from another event hosted by the Meeting Professionals International – MPI at the Sheraton Gateway in Los Angeles.

While I am now very comfortable at red carpet events and expanding my circles of influence, I didn’t start that way. I was very shy, introverted and was terrified of connecting with people. That all changed when I discovered that whether I knew it or not, I had a personal brand and if I don’t tell people who I am, what I believe in, how I can serve them and why I do what I do, I would remain a “best-kept secret” – someone who has a vision but a vision that would never make a difference.

Today I am an outspoken advocate for “Monetize and Make Your Message Matter Through Your Magnetic and Memorable Brand”. My 6 Elements of Branding enables people to get crystal clear about their Unique Branding Message that they start stepping out of their boxes, on to their own red carpets of meaningful success!  So much so that when you hear “And the winner is… ” you already know that you’re a winner of your own Oscar by simply being yourself!

I am speaking at the at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 1:00 pm, on “Magnetic and Memorable Branding” – I am inviting you to join me as well as some phenomenal Speakers! As one of their Speakers, I have a special VIP Code and link I can give to people who either ask me here or send me a Private Message. I am down to about 20 tickets now as I have already gifted them to family, friends and clients. Let me know ASAP… Happy Oscar Night! See you soon!!!

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