An Introspection On Doubt, Competition and Thanksgiving

Renew Your Child-like Faith, Creativity and Confidence -- Replace Doubt and Fear with Gratitude

Renew Your Child-like Faith, Creativity and Confidence -- Replace Doubt and Fear with Gratitude

Argh!  As I type this, the gardener has his leaf blower on full volume outside and I am debating whether to politely tell him to stop or just tune it out.  I thought to myself, he’s doing what he needs to do and I am doing what it is I need to do.  So I figured for a few minutes, we can co-exist and just accept each others roles in the now moment, knowing that at some point, I will gain my peace and quiet.

This morning, being Thanksgiving week, I had so much excitement about tonight’s dinner party tonight at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, which I am co-hosting with my good friend and client, America’s Master Mentalist, Jon Stetson.  About 15 of my closest friends are joining us for a night of fine dining, great friends and a great show!

As I spent some quiet time in prayer and meditation this morning, I realized that although this stage in my life brings so many challenges and major decisions, I have accepted the fact that I am ALWAYS fully supported no matter what and that there will always be MORE THAN ENOUGH – of money, resources, time and relationships.  That to think that we don’t have enough time, money and are challenged with finding the right relationships is a fallacy and is quite frankly a trap.

The past 6 months for me truly was a “Quantum Leap” experience that I will forever remember for as long as I live and the inspiring stories of triumph, defeat and triumph is something I can’t wait to share at my upcoming live events and future books.

So, the introspection this morning, it brought to mind something that some of my clients and friends are concerned about and is a favorite topic of mine when I speak to groups of people —


I remember speaking at a big event a couple of months ago and I was asked, “Who is your competition?”

I said, “I don’t have any…”

Now, that wasn’t an answer borne out of arrogance but it’s something that I chose to believe in, especially after being plagued by the fear of competition as a budding entrepreneur 6 years ago.

Yes, there will always be other businesses and experts who offer the same thing I do, and yes, perhaps even better, but instead of looking at it from a competitive point of view, I look at it as a complimentary point of view.

When I speak about, not having competition, I am showing others a way to focus on what they have to offer from the heart and not worrying too much about what others are doing.  Why?  Because from my experience with hundreds of people I have interviewed, worrying about the competition is one of the number one reasons why most entrepreneurs have a challenge in stepping up and becoming more visible.  They are always concerned of this —


This trap causes a downward spiral because when you feel this way, you started listening to excuses in your head –

“I have to learn more… ”
“I have to wait until I’m an expert….”
“I’ll find another niche that is not as competitive…”

Or worst…

“I will never be as good as him/her…”

Guess what sets in next:


What if instead of folding up and giving in, you’re able to turn that Fear of Competition to Inspired Creativity? How do you start that? With GRATITUDE.

And since it’s Thanksgiving week, here is  my gift to you.  I’ll let you in on one of my “secrets” that has enabled me to look at competition in a different light and I know that if you truly live this principle, you too will be freed from the crippling grasp of Competition and Doubt:

“When you get out of the competitive mind you will understand that you never need to act hastily.  No one else is going to beat you to the thing you want to do; there is enough for all.  If one space is taken, another and a better one will be opened for you a little farther on; there is plenty of time.  When you are in doubt, wait.  Fall back on the contemplation of your vision, and increase your faith and purpose; and by all means, in times of doubt and indecision, cultivate gratitude.

A day or two spent in contemplating the vision of what you want, and in earnest thanksgiving that you are getting it, will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake when you do act.

There is a mind which knows all there is to know; and you can come into close unity with this mind by faith and the purpose to advance in life, if you have deep gratitude.

Mistakes come from acting hastily, or from acting in fear or doubt, or in forgetfulness of the Right Motive, which is more life to all, and less to none.  As you go in the Certain Way, opportunities will come to you in increasing number; and you will need to be very steady in your faith and purpose and to keep in close touch with the All Mind by reverent gratitude.

Do all that you can do in a perfect manner every day, but do it without haste, worry or fear.  Go as fast as you can, but never hurry.

Remember that in the moment you begin to hurry, you cease to be a creator and become a competitor; you drop back upon the old plane again.

Whenever you find yourself hurrying, call a halt; fix  your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and begin to give thanks that you are getting it.  The exercise of gratitude will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose. ” – (Wallace D. Wattles -The Science of Getting Rich -page 49)

I encourage you to read and re-read this post and make this your inspiration for Thanksgiving.   With an open heart, receive wisdom of the ages that has launched many leaders and game changers all over the world! This is the secret by which I have taken a quantum leap in my life and I would love for you to experience the same in your journey.

As always, please “Like”, Share and Comment if this has helped you in anyway… As you become blessed, pay it forward and bless someone else…

Cheering You On!





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2 thoughts on “An Introspection On Doubt, Competition and Thanksgiving

  1. Hello my dearest Joyce! I am sooo happy to see you on fire and on purpose!! Yes, tell that fear to step aside and move over because you’re “all revved up” and UNSTOPPABLE! Love you!