What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

My husband Gary was away on business for 3 weeks and this morning, he was so excited to come home when during his wait at the Nashville, TN airport, he was so fortunate to have witnessed a loving tribute to our honorable Men and Women of the US Army.  I would like to share this very short but poignant video my husband Gary took at 8:00am today.  How often do we get an opportunity – to really show our gratitude to our incredible Men and Women fighting for our Freedom leaving their own families, risking their lives?

As we go about our day to day, worrying about  how you can get promoted in your new job or what you need to do to take your business to the next level, let’s just pause and remind ourselves how SELFLESS these men and women are for sacrificing their time, families, opportunities and their lives for our freedom!  I posted this video to help remind us that WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE… they have sacrificed so much for others… what are you willing to sacrifice?  It’s challenging as it is to sacrifice some things to gain success for ourselves, what more sacrificing a lot…for others? It seems rather impossible doesn’t it?

Yes, my husband got a bit emotional from the patriotism because his own father served in the Army in World War 2. Not to mention that he also missed his family after being away for only 3 weeks! He could only imagine these soldiers being away for so much longer! Let’s remember to take the time to thank and pray for our soldiers!

Please FORWARD, SHARE OR EMBED this video to remind others of what we were just reminded of! Thank you so much!

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