A Day of Filming for Magnetic and Memorable Show

It’s a wrap! Wow! Talk about a very special 8-hour day straight, setting up and filming episodes of my “Magnetic and Memorable Show”! I am overjoyed to be able to celebrate some of my favorite clients, peers and mentors and share with you their inspirational and implementable strategies on how magnetism played a huge role in their successes both in life and business. They also revealed some “secrets” that most people don’t know about them…

Thank you so much to these amazing people– Podcast Show Host of “Inspired Conversations”, Amy Schuber
Bestselling Author of “Wealth Without Wall Street”, Robert San Luis
and Senior VP of Business Development for Agribiotics Products, Inc., Dr. Jim McClain, for sharing of yourselves to our audience.

I was also able to film my free video, “Unleash Your a Magnetic Brand” which will be available at www.EmmaTiebens.com – leave your information now and you will receive the video as soon as it’s available.

A huge THANK YOU to my dear friends and Show Hosting Mentors Ann DeVere and Michael DeVere for showing me how to properly, professionally and efficiently produce my shows and script my interviews. Their teachings have truly helped me with ease of implementation!

And of course, heartfelt THANK YOU to my wonderful Videographer and Photographer Garrett Tiebens You were simply remarkable! I’m so glad we get to do this together as “Traveling Tiebens”! Yeah!!!

Interviews will be available shortly on www.EmmaTiebens.com… Now it’s time for a glass of Syrah and well deserved relaxation. 😉

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