Finding Gifts In The Ruffled Feathers

Yesterday, I was dining rather peacefully at a restaurant with my family when a nicely dressed  gentleman approached me and invited me to attend a healthy cooking class and handed me a flyer… when I said I won’t be available at such date, he handed me a second flyer that said “Water Filter” and he’s asking if he can do a 10 minute presentation for me.

Needless to say, I felt the onset of annoyance and desire to educate him on “Relational Marketing” but I hung in there and politely allowed him to speak, doing my best to find something good about the situation because I sensed a reaction to it.

I didn’t want to embarrass him since he had his wife and young son dining with him… When I had a chance to speak, I told him, “Listen, I admire your boldness and courage and your passion for your product and thank you for sharing them with me, but I genuinely believe that you will do so much better if you know the right questions to ask before you blurt out your products information and lead with your product.  Here is my card… go to my website and watch the 10 Free Videos there… it will help you convert more!”

He looked at my card and said “Wow… thank you! I will definitely check it out!”  We proceeded to eat, and he went to join his family.  On our way out, he stood up to say good-bye and said “Thank you for this.  I will definitely be in touch as I would love to introduce you to our company owner as you might be the trainer we are looking for, to help us with this company…”

Wow! I was rather elated… to think I came so close to really telling him off but I chose to have empathy and understanding for where he was coming from.  He simply didn’t know any better.  I actually commend him for not having any fear of rejection nor fear of being judged.  His motivating factor was probably his wife and his young child who was looking up to him for sustenance.

What was interesting is that it even dawned on me to hire this gentleman to be part of my marketing and sales force.  A little training with someone as open and as confident as him will definitely go a long way!

What’s the moral of the story? When something ruffles our feathers and does things out our comfort zone or or doesn’t quite emotionally resonate with our gut feeling, we must seek deeper and find out why that is, as most of the time, there are gifts tucked away in there and we just need to quiet our own judgment and listen to the gentle prodding so we can receive the gifts…

Cheering You On!


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